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Advent Begins Sunday, December 3

The Christian Calendar recalls and celebrates the life and ministry of Jesus and the birth of the early church. The first season is Advent, which always begins on the fourth Sunday before Christmas Day (December 3). The word advent means "coming" or "arrival." Appropriately the season celebrates the birth of Jesus, His first advent, and anticipates His return at the end of the age, His second advent. Advent is all about God’s plan of salvation—all of creation may be reconciled to God through Jesus Christ—a process in which we now participate, the consummation of which we still anticipate. With its double focus on past and future, Advent also symbolizes our spiritual journey, as individuals and as a congregation, as we affirm that Christ has come, He is present in the world today, and He will come again in power and glory. Such a profession serves as the foundation for our biblical worldview—our desire to love God, to love our neighbor, and to be ambassadors of God’s love and truth as we find ourselves living between the past and future coming. Advent is marked by a spirit of preparation, anticipation, and hope in the reign of Jesus, the long-awaited Messiah who will bring righteousness and peace to the world. Traditionally, the primary color for the communion tablecloth, pulpit scarf, and other vestments is purple. Purple is an appropriate color for the preparation of Jesus’ coming. Purple represents the spirit of penitence and fasting, and it is the color of royalty that welcomes Christ our King. As we prepare for the birth of Jesus, may God powerfully use his church and each one of us to extend the warmth of His grace and truth to neighbors and friends at home and in the world.


What's Happening

Due to technical difficulties with the audio equipment, the Service/Sermon Audios will not be publicized until they are repaired.  

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Advent Study: Begins November 28th



Sunday School Christmas Play ~ Saturday, December 9



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Christmas Eve Services ~ Sunday, December 24


 Looking Ahead ~ Goals for 2018



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Amazon Smile – A New Way to Donate to Church!


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