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What We Believe
What's so great about being a United Methodist? Simply this:
  • It's a church that touches our hearts and stretches our minds.
  • It's a church that accepts us as we are and yet challenges us to be better.
  • And it's a church that gathers us to worship and then sends us out to serve in the name and spirit of Jesus Christ.>read more »
Welcome Visitors!
Cross Keys United Methodist Church invites you to become involved in the life of our active church. We hope our web site gives you a better understanding of who we are as a church family, and the many opportunities there are to get involved with our community of faith.

At Cross Keys United Methodist Church we are committed to be a welcoming, Christian community, living and sharing God's word and expressing Christ's love through care, outreach, worship, fellowship, and missions.>read more »


Yes, We CAN !

Jesus used just a few staples to miraculously feed a crowd of 5,000. Together, we can continue the work of Christ to support the Food Bank of South Jersey. 

We need... 

20,000 cans of tuna or canned meat

20,000 cans of fruit

20,000 jars of peanut butter

Collecting until August 10th.

Please put your donations in the Church vestibule or outside the secretary’s office in Faith Hall.

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